Scambieuropei partner projects

Erasmus+ is a Program of the European Commission which aims to boost skills and employability, as well as modernising Education, Training, and Youth work.

Key action 2 of the Erasmus+Programme supports long term transational cooperation projects such as strategic partnerships, capacity building activities, and transnational youth initiatives. The aim is to support the quality development of youth work, foster social commitment, enhance entrepreneurial spirit, and promote cooperation. Activities under KA2 make possible for different countries to work together in order to have an impact on the quality of training around Europe, on the understading of social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity.

Scambieuropei is involved in a number of KA2 projects, among which the ‘Youth network for social entrepreneurship‘, a 2-years project during which youngsters and NGOs from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, India, and Indonesia. The project will empower young people with knowledge and key competencies in different areas of their personal and professional growth, developing their entrepreneurial skills, through training courses, bootcamps, job-shadowing, and meetings. At the end of the project, 6 Youth Academies and a Youth Network of Social Entrepreneurship will be implemented to contribute to a sustainable development of society based on european values and to connect youngsters inside and outside Europe.

The European Commission objective is to reach out to young unemployed people and mobilise them so that they become more participative and active in their communities. NEETS in need is an 18 months project which offers young people not engaged in education, nor employment or training different activities, seminars and training to increase their levels of skills for employability.

In order to support free access to education, Myouth –
Mobile, Young, Opportunity, Unity, Technology, Help gathered young ‘coders’ from all over the world who competed for the best mobile phone application aimed at making education more accessible to those who face significant barriers to learning. During the coding camps, participants gain new life skills in order to make positive change through the use of new technologies. The applications, available to download on iTunes and GooglePlay, enable global youths to benefit from a new learning mode via the usage of mobile applications so-called mLearing.

Scambieuropei also participates in strategic EVS Projects such as
To enlarge international volunteering between sister cities. The involved associations promote the EVS amongst young people from abroad looking for a hosting project in Germany, in order to promote European citizenship.

Finally, also sport is a potential mean to shape a wider European society. This is why we are also a partner in the Sport project
Sport Young Ambassadors. Physical activity, not only plays an important role in individual health modernizing but also fosters a sense of social inclusion and integration overcoming racism and xenophobia. Through the Erasmus+ Programme, sporting organisations and educational institutions work together to manage initiatives in support of physical activity and sport across Europe. Enhancing dialogue between policy makers and sport organisers promotes healthy living and social cohesion for young people, and improves the quality of physical education programmes and enhance teachers’ competences and skill levels.