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“Do you have to translate your CV or a motivation letter in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish, Rumanian, Arabic, Dutch, Turkish, Catalan?
In other languages?”

Scambieuropei has decided to offer its professionalism in the field of languages to help you in thetranslation of CV and motivation letter.
We can also translate technical documents, certificates and projects.



The translation service is available in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Dutch, Turkish, Catalan and, generally, all the other most spoken languages.
It is done by mother tongue and Italian translators, all absolutely professionals to guarantee you a high-quality result.

Nowadays Scambieuropei is a real alternative to commercial translation services: its aim is to give you an efficient and very good work at low prices, particularly for students and unemployed people.

The cost of the service of your CV (not longer that 3 word pages) is about 20-25 euro, while for your CV and a motivation letter the cost is about 30-35 euro.
The price will be decided according to the length and the difficulty of the text.
For different documents the price will be decided.

There is a discount for all our members.
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      Iban: IT26D0200802480000103357750
      Bank: Unicredit Spa, via Rizzoli 34 (Bologna)


  • Paypal (with a donation to the account:

In that case you must add 2 euro to the total cost for the transfer fee.


The delivery of translated CV will happen within 3 working days from when we receive the payment.
If you need, an express service within 12 o 24 ore is available; this service costs 15/10 euro.


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