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Become a member

Scambieuropei is a non-profit organization that does not receive any external founding

The annual fee membership is 40 euros and provides access to many services

What do we offer to our members?

  • Full support in the project’s quest, for all the short – mid – long term projects we sponsor

    Our team is at your disposal in order to guide you into finding the project that suits you the most. We will give you all the necessary information and provide you with all the support needed in order to get started.

    Among the non-formal education and volunteering programs that we directly support you can find:

  • ESC – European Solidarity Corps

  • Intercultural Exchanges

  • Training courses

  • Erasmus+ VET

  • Erasmus Adult Education

  • Study visits

  • Voluntary work in the short/medium term

The annual membership also includes accident coverage for all volunteers involved with our projects.

With your subscription you will help Scambieuropei in mantaining an excellent service level and keeping on working at our best. Wheter it is with our website or the various customised services that we offer, we aim to work at our best in order to give you the best from your experience.

Your contribution is very important for us to keep this community alive.

The card – which will be received by e-mail in electronic format – is valid throughout the calendar year.

How do I subscribe?

  • Payment of the membership fee by bank transfer (40 euros)

    BANK TRANSFER in favour of:

    Iban: IT26D0200802480000103357750
    Bic: UNCRITM1OM0
    Bank: Unicredit Spa, via Rizzoli 34 (Bologna)

  • Payment of the membership fee via Paypal (40 euros + 2 euros)

    account email:
    choose the option “Sending to a friend”

In this case the fee is 42 euros: 40 euros for the membership fee and 2 euros for the transaction fee.

Once you completed the transaction, contact us by e-mail to let us know and send us your receipt or payment details, so that we can send you the card and the rest of the material reserved for our members


Associazione Scambieuropei, Via Lanzarini 11

Telephone: 051 84 98 846


Website Scambieuropei