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About us

Scambieuropei ETS is an association dedicated to youth established in 2010 aiming at supporting young people in developing professional skills and reinforcing their social and participative engagement. 

Scambieuropei is a cultural association founded in 2009 by a group of young people who wanted to set up activities and services for their peers. Our activities include non-formal education, cultural, local and European projects, international co-operation, marketing and social development of young people in national and international settings.

Since its establishment, Scambieuropei has carried out a variety of activities which have enabled young people across Europe to acquire new skills. Each volunteer involved also becomes aware of his abilities and works in cross-cultural environments. Those involved in Scambieuropei projects become aware of the opportunities that we offer and develop the skills needed today to create a new future and engage in different types of activities across Europe.

Our activities

We work with youth members with different backgrounds. Students, NEETS and by and large, all those looking for an opportunity to build something and invest their own skills into a project. Our goal is to raise awareness among young people about the opportunities the world presents and to build together a new future where we can invest and a community where everyone can feel a welcome active member.

We aim to create a diverse network and differentiate the offer of our activities, such as exchange programs and cultural projects in Italy and abroad. Over the years, Scambieuropei has worked first with Youth in Action, Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps.
Scambieuropei is accredited as a sending , coordinator and host organization. This allows us to develop, implement and support projects both in Italy and abroad.

Erasmus +

As a Sending Organization, on average 100 volunteers a year take part in EVS projects with Scambieuropei, who is also a partner for about 70 youth exchange projects and training courses.

As a Coordinating Organisation, Scambieuropei has great experience in coordinating EVS/ESC projects. With a special focus on the Balkans and Eastern Europe.
Since 2016, the organization has also welcomed volunteers who focus on issues such as digital media and volunteerism.

In more general terms, Scambieuropei activities as an organisation include the development of projects throughout the year, the support to all members for mobility preparation (project selection, logistics, motivation and personal growth) during the activities and also on their return to Italy (reverse cultural shock, reintegration).