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Il volontariato ESC di Elvira

Il racconto di Elvira, la nostra volontaria al progetto “Volunteers. Opportunities. Community. Interculturalism in Tunisia”. VOCI è co-finanziato dal Programma Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà dell’Unione Europea 🇪🇺 e prevede la partecipazione di 30 volontari italiani a Sousse in attività rivolte alla comunità locale per favorire aggregazione, partecipazione e interculturalismo 🤲


My name is Elvira and I’m 25 years old. I finished my studies and I’ve already had
different experiences abroad.

Currently I’m a volunteer at Ased Association in Sousse. Since I was young I’ve done volontary work because I think spending your life giving your time and love to others is the best way to live your life fully. I like traveling and visiting new countries.

When I started this project in Tunisia I was very excited and I could immediately appreciate this culture and the beautiful people I met. Our activities’ aim is to help the local community. We contributed to the cleaning of the beaches and we helped painting the walls in a stadium and local schools, thus welcoming and colorful. We met other local associations, testing our English and French, sharing happy moments and breaking down cultural differences. Then, we carried out the activities in a Kindergarten, where we taught English through games, music and dance. We also worked in a garden, where we learned about many types of plants and flowers, which we helped plant and that one day will grow and be sold. Last but not least, we had the possibility to start learning tunisian, appreciating every lesson, thanks to our patient and lovely teacher.

Every new day I was able to get to know new aspects of this culture, the local crafts, the language, the many
interesting places to visit, the beautiful beaches, the food, to appreciate and welcome the differences, even getting to know my self better. I shared unforgettable moments with my travel buddies, the other italian volunteers, but also with tunisian people I met here and with whom I have carried out various activities and spent moments of sharing and fun. Happy to be here, I recommend this experience to everyone.

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