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Margherita e i suoi articoli durante il suo SVE a Craiova, in Romania

Oggi condividiamo con noi un bellissimo articolo scritto da Margherita, una nostra volontaria SVE in Romania.

Ha espresso le sue idee con parole bellissime e profonde sul blog dell’associazione hosting, parlando del progetto “GAIA” a Craiova, iniziato lo scorso maggio.



I came here following my gut, as I wrote already.


Now I know that nothing is more important than that. As soon as I started following the instict, all the information I’ve been desperatly looking for are gathering from all around, chasing me instead of missing. Also today I noticed something and I’d like to share it. Every now and then, I like to write down all my wishes, and it always was a huge list of things: travelling here and there, learning this and that, trying that and that, etc etc. I checked it today, and I realized I don’t need all of that anymore. The list magically halved. What happened?


When you move abroad, even if it’s just for a short time, you end up being yourself more than ever, because you’re too busy facing this very new situation and you just cannot keep faking.


Me, I’ve always felt very different, but I’ve been trying to fix my weirdness and to be a very standard human being, checking all the time how people around was doing.


After just a few days here, I started feeling so absorbed by my “weirdness” that, lost in my entusiasm, I even thought I was autistic. I saw this amazing ted talk, which kind of turned me on about this idea. This girl’s brain seems to work just perfectly. I also realized that as a teenager I had a lot of autistic behaviour within my group of friends, who were really not friends, because we did not understand each other. But sometimes I was sick of being alone and I didn’t have many options. Back then, someone used to call me “cavallo pazzo”, crazy horse, which is actually a cool nickname and I was secretly proud of it, even though they didn’t mean to please me.


But anyway, I’m opening up with you, whatever your face and past experiences are, because my latest achievements are a big deal to me, as well as my past struggling, and I’d like to spread a message. Maybe no one will care, but I’d like to throw it anyway. If you are any similar to me, you might think you have to “fix” yourself. FIX. Are you serious? Instead, you might wanna be brave and show your unique features, because you’ll enjoy that a whole lot more.


Another thing, in case you don’t feel anything like me: consider that people is different from you, try not to force your partner or your kids to be like you would like them to be or to “be normal”, that’s a terrible punishment, help them instead, otherwise you’ll be just an unpleasant presence and the time you spend together will suck.


We were all born to feel free, that should be a sacred human right or even a duty. Try to control other’s lives and choices is the most disgusting form of violence, very sneaky and superhard to handle.