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Il resoconto di Francesca: VOCI In Tunisia

Il resoconto di Francesca, la nostra volontaria al progetto in Tunisia “Volunteers. Opportunities. Community. Interculturalism in Tunisia” .
Il progetto è co-finanziato dal Programma Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà dell’Unione Europea e prevede la partecipazione di 30 volontari italiani a Sousse in attività rivolte alla comunità locale per favorire aggregazione, partecipazione e interculturalismo 🤲

Sbeh Khir!!

I’m Francesca, I’m 24 years old, I’m from north Italy, Turin. I finished my studies in Educational Sciences few months ago and I’m very happy I have decided to participate in ESC project in Tunisia!

I wanted to explore this north African country, his culture, people, and beautiful places.
During all my life I spent a lot of time as a volunteer in different associations, in Italy and Greece, working with children, women in need, and refugees people. For that, I’m delighted to take part as a volunteer of ASED association in Sousse, to help solidarity development in local community, environmental awareness, and cultural exchange.

During our project we are working with children in kindergarden, helping paint the school in Akouda, learning to take care of nature, plants and flowers in the Flower Garden, and taking care of our planet cleaning beaches and public spaces as well. Overall, we started to learn arabic tunisian, thanks to a wonderful teacher!

Meeting local people and their culture I feel enriched, and it shows that a better world is possible if everyone goes beyond differences and try to put himselves at the service of others people.
I spent wonderful days with my adventurer fellows! It is a great experience to do in life to get along with thers volunteers, to improve yourself and your skills, learning from each other, and cooperate for a better world!!”

Francesca Demarchi

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