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Some drops of rain and of my EVS experience in Bangalore, India

With a cup of masala chai in my hands, sheltered under the canopy of a two-meters square restaurant so as to escape from the humidity of that noty water drops, I observe the movements of the district, Wilson Garden.


Who is repaired with a plastic bag on his head, who with a towel over his shoulders, someone with an umbrella, who simply walks oblivious to the rain, the skin and clothes all wet.


After the first three months here in India, at the Ngo FSL-India (Field Services and Intercultural Learning) in Bangalore, and I definitely had the feeling of being at home.



The wind smells of hills, and it’s as fresh as that of a spring in the mountains, but full of unpleasant odors, and the sound vibrations of the horn are constantly disrupting the slowness and the rituals of life.


After three months here I have discovered and learned so many things, but the most interesting of all could be summed up in three words: dispel the stereotypes.



I expected an India as per in the postcards, with old women in traditional dress, lack of any services, widespread poverty, and instead I find myself in a city that is the new Silicon Valley of the millennium….and I am living in a young and modern India literally invaded and permeated by the passion for LatinnAmerican dances, with salsa dancing nights almost anywhere (in the big cities of course!).


Despite the difficulties to physical contact between man and woman due to cultural issues, young Indians try to learn salsa, bachata, argentine tango with meticulous scientific method.


My EVS is related with the Youth Development Program, a chapter of FSL-India, the hosting Ngo of the project. Within this group of college students, we aim at empowering the local youth to bring a social change. Besides of many social and environmental campaigns and projects, we also have fun as much as possible!



Scritto da: Marta Oggero