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Una Living Library per il progetto “Outdoor for Healthy Life” in Georgia

L’esperienza di Living Library Activity raccontata da Giulia, una della partecipanti al progetto “Outdoor for Healthy Life” in Georgia

Il progetto di training course  “Outdoor For Healthy life” è stato uno scambio, tenutosi dal 25 settembre al 2 ottobre 2016,  ed  impostato sulla promozione degli stili di vita sostenibili, da intendersi come fattori fondamentali non solo per la salute fisica ed ambientale, ma anche psichica di ogni essere umano. A seguire una delle attività svolte durante il progetto


We managed to do the Living Library Activity!
We struggled because now we all live in different cities and it was not possible to meet up, but we used Skype and my friends really enjoyed it. So, here is how it went:










We decided to take 15 minutes each to talk about one aspect of our adventure in Georgia.
Claudio was the first and talked about food, the differences from ours, and also related to his particular experience (he’s vegan).

Then I talked about the feeling of living outdoor, in tents and how to cope with things that are normal for us, like bathroom, mirrors, etc.. and about the activities we had the chance to do during the training parts, like learning how to make a fire, cooking, exploring, etc.









Andrea talked about the place where we were, the city and the villages. He also started to explain how people are, how they behave and what they usually do during their time.
Federico continued talking about how these people then interacted with us (the people from the training course) and finished talking about the people of the group, how we all blend in together and became one big international family.








We then dedicated more time for questions and what was added extra was that one girl asked how this course was possible, so we all gave them all the information about the Erasmus+ opportunities (even though they were familiar with most of the things we said, they didn’t know where to look for youth exchanges, training course, etc.. So we basically gave them additional practical information should they want to apply for some exchanges in the future!).










So this was our experience, I’m deeply sorry it took so long to happen, but logistics were really against us during this month!!