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WE LOVE SPORT – social inclusion through sport



Al via il progetto di scambio culturale su sport e cultura sportiva!


Sports Club Bogojina has between 18th and 25th September within the programme Erasmus + and with the help of the Institute for the development of youth mobility – MOVIT organized an international youth exchange project We love sport and connected 40 young people from Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia and Italy.

Through non-formal learning methods were young people between 14 and 30 years of age looking for solutions on how young people from less privileged backgrounds should be integrated into society through various sports activities. They explored mechanisms that promote intangible rewards, stimulate and promote values ​​such as solidarity, charity and self-help.

By addressing the problem of exclusion, have young people found through sport and non-governmental organizations an alternative entry point into the social and economic life in the community. In interactive workshops young people have shared experiences from their countries while they learned about the culture of their peers from partner countries and visited cities Murska Sobota and Bogojina.

At the end of the project the participants prepared in the Sports and Recreation Center Bogojina a sporting event which involved interesting games from their Countries, some of them were even thought of during the project. Mixed Erasmus + teams were joined by the local societies, namely folklore group Bogojina, voluntary fire brigade Bogojina and folklore group Kobilje. Participants competed in a tug of war, jumping in sacks and other relay games, which they named “Assball”, “WheelBallow”, “Aquapain”, “Swimball.” All games were very interesting, filled with lots of cheer and laughter.

International exchange was an excellent opportunity for making new acquaintances, learning about other cultures and traditions, increasing the knowledge of foreign languages, acquiring confidence in public speaking and other skills. Participants enjoyed the exchange very much. Mostly they were enchanted by the landscape, neat looking surroundings and friendly people.