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Youth exchange “Red card for social exclusion”

41 young people from Croatia, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia, and Lithuania participated in Youth exchange “Red card for social exclusion” where we learned:
– how to improve relationships between young people,
– how to build their own social network,
– to find opportunities for inclusion through sports in their surroundings,
– to learn about the difficulties faced by disabled people,
– how they can become involved in society through sports, and at the same time they will find out what is not a sport and
– through outdoor activities to learn how to care for the health of young people in the project.

The project that took place in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, improved the social and psychological indicators of exclusion of young people.
During the project, the participants have acquired a set of skills and competencies that will contribute to our work in the context of cultural diversity where discrimination continues, human rights are not always respected, democratic values and principles that are misunderstood or not implemented in practice: human rights and values, critical thinking, peacebuilding, non-violent communication, media-graphic relief, intercultural inclination.

What we have done:
We conducted workshops
– Is social exclusion on sports grounds?
– Presentations/discussions: we have discussed with the representatives of the municipality and the stakeholders who should get a “red card”;
– Role-playing: we prepared workshops for involving young people in society through sports
– Photo-workshop / discussion: social integration through sport
– created a holistic graphic image (developed ICT competences)
– Prepared a video: prepared a short video about what does not belong to and along the sports grounds
– Prepared a Handbook on social inclusion through sports